when i was me…

i’m from Vermont. i grew up with SAABs, Volvos, Subarus & JEEPs…for the snow. My family was a Volvo fan…except for me. Oh, i LOVED SAABS. the one above was my second SAAB…paid in full, title in my name, with only 60,000 miles on it (brand new) the station wagon was awesome because the Huskies…

an oldie, but goodie joke (told to my Husky)

since my camera is in the shop, i’ve gone through & pulled some of my favorite photos to share (some, again) This is Nala our gorgeous Siberian Husky. We adopted her from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue about five years ago.

ice see you, my hot husky

yesterday i found that a child o’ mine left the freezer door open…God only knows how long. It was, however, long enough to turn the ice into a solid chunk. I dumped it on the brick pathway & a large piece landed in front of my husky. Nala doesn’t care for ice…normally. She was hot….

its like owning a wolf

but when you stick your hands deep into her fur, its like burrowing into a bear.   if you are interested in this breed, please check to see if there is a Siberian Husky Rescue in your state. Nala was rescued by us.

About 2me4art

  About. Well, whoops. If you wanted to know what I blog about, hit the word, “about” under my face on the left hand side.

ummm…you have a little husky on your head

how embarrassing :). Do you see that Nala is laughing? I have found it is very important to embrace any signs of humor a dog displays. Nala was our foster, she came from Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue. Nala had been picked up by the Birmingham City pound. The pound notifies rescues when a full-blooded breed…