this is an african violet flower


i posted this flower about three weeks ago, titled, “what am i?” Then my blog broke. This is the amazing part, this one flower was connected to another…like the letter Y, with two flowers at the top of the Y. This wee flower lived for two weeks…as it began to collapse on itself, its twin began to do the same.  i lost both on the same day. However, i still have three flowers on the plant that i’ve let be & they are healthy & happy. Wild, right?

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  1. debiriley says:

    wow, gorgeous!!!!
    oooh, very lovely!
    I had wondered WHERE you’d went to Amy, hadn’t seen you or heard from you! true, everyone is busy these days and thought you had to do other things 🙂


    1. Hi Deb! I’ve missed blogging SO much! Keeps me sane, i’ve come to find. My blog started failing me in the beginning of February. I’m so grateful to be back, due to my daughter’s genius. I was busy, talking to wordpress techs everyday. Anyway, i do agree with you on how lovely this african violet flower is. When the light hits these flowers in a specific way, they look as if they are covered in powered sugar. I have missed you, Deb! I hope life has been busy-good for you.

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      1. debiriley says:

        wow, good to hear from you Amy!!! hope I will hear more too!! yes, busy…. I’m getting a shop soon, put it off long enuf.


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