Fuego Cantina & Saloon…

#buylocal…i’m in awe of private local business owners. they deserve much respect for their kick ass courage. but more than that, they deserve our custom, our support. imagine how awesome it would feel to drink locally owned beer(s), in a locally owned Saloon..sit back & watch what they do best, which is serve up some #buyLocal beer (or holy CRAP…jack daniels in a dispenser) & fantastic food served by super cool people.  and when the weather warms up, sit outside & people watch…a fascinating pass time while at @5 points south.

Fuego Cantina & Saloon @5 points south, birmingham, Alabama…1101 20th Street South, bham, al 35205. 205.201.6613 for hours.

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  1. keebslac1234 says:

    Such warm images! Loved the detail: the stark, white cones on the bottles, the green strips on the ball corks…


    1. The light was perfect because the Saloon side was still closed & i noticed immediately the light bouncing off the kegs…i asked the hostess if i could shoot a few & got permission from owner. It was so dark, i had to use flat surfaces as my tripod. Thanks so much for your compliments! Made my day. ~amy


  2. loisajay says:

    Shop local, stay local–the only way to go!


    1. i agree. We should all have a chance at success, its the only way to beat the corporations. Besides money stays home. Thanks for commenting, LoisaJay! ~amy


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