wee African Violets

I love buds. I used to be upset whenever i bought mums & the buds refused to open. NOW, i use them in the arrangement because they look like small little balls. I’ll show soon. These were very small African Violets.

Dancing lizards & a crowned frog

I found these two lizards dancing in the darkest corner. I felt as though i was intruding on a very personal moment. It’s obvious they love one another.  I kissed this king. He remained a frog…just in case you wanted to try. And my boyfriend wasn’t the least bit jealous.  Lots of Easter decorations!  And…

it takes courage to gain peace…

usually, every spring…i go in search of something new for my outdoor garden beds. this year i am moving into an apartment with my two children. a single mom. but a happier one. i put together a garden that is going to move with us. i put a dollar tree mirror on the bottom added…

make art while rooting

a house plant. i love this. i do have a rock collection & i have mason jars…i love this idea.

this is an african violet flower

i posted this flower about three weeks ago, titled, “what am i?” Then my blog broke. This is the amazing part, this one flower was connected to another…like the letter Y, with two flowers at the top of the Y. This wee flower lived for two weeks…as it began to collapse on itself, its twin…

standing out orange

the first photo has stunningly orange flowers. the second photo is of orange blossoms…someday soon, with luck & love, they too, will be orange.

color outshines detail

So i removed the color, to view their form. seeing flowers this way, i can just image them unfolding in real time. weird?