geez, backlit winter coat Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a stray, that come to us & decided to stay. I finally convinced him to sleep in the garage when its pouring bucks or gets too cold. I am so grateful that he lets me keep him dry & warm. However-i had never seen his winter coat like this, until this backlit photo…

the blue cat

i added a lot of red/yellow to this image to bring Quicksilver back to his natural color. Perhaps, i should show you the before? Quicksilver is my feral cat. he befriended my other cat named Hobbes. I think Hobbes told Quicksilver that i was safe. every morning, i open my back door to take the…

Operation Quicksilver

Quicksilver is our feral cat. His ear has been clipped by a vet after being fixed. Someone, AMAZING, found a cat colony & took them all to be fixed, then returned them to their original home. Which is the Shell gas station down the street. Quicksilver left the Shell station & met Hobbes, our cat….

let sleeping Dragons lie

Quicksilver via iPhone. the photo with his head in my hand? i am holding his head’s entire weight.  And yes, i think cats are ancestors of the dragon …same eyes, same claws…a great need to lie in the sun, despite heat being in the upper 80’s. you know, just like any reptile. 🙂