the perfect shot


this photograph was taken by a friend of mine. i saw it on Instagram & begged him if i could share it. you can see, he said yes. this is his daughter, Ru. you can follow Dan Robertson on Instagram, he takes some amazing photos. and he has a wicked sense of humor.

i know this may sound a little nuts, but i judge a great photograph on the physical effects it has on my heart-because that squeeze is the first reaction i have. the reaction to a great photograph reaches my heart before any thought has time to form.

my heart says this photograph is great.

12 thoughts on “the perfect shot

    1. I agree with everything you said. Because we always had a Christmas tree growing up, i buy the pine tree candles, so i can still smell Christmas among all my Hanukkah stuff. I hope Dan is reading all these amazing compliments! thank you! ~amy


    1. You know, Gretchen-it is said we only use a small portion of our brain. the rest is hidden away from us. but when i say my heart understands it’s a great shot before my brain does, i think that is the hidden part of us, we only get glimpses of, the God part of our brain, is what i am feeling. i also think the sudden flash of an idea(creation) we sometimes have, that JUMPS out of us-seemingly without thought-that is the hidden part of our brain too. Crazy? ~amy

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