how to change the world

IMG_1527 copy

“BEE the reason someone smiles today” (Just so everyone understands the ‘bee’ replaces the word ‘be’)


ok, so maybe not the world, but perhaps your own? i meet strangers every time i go out to shop. i sometimes think (a side effect of being a hermit) how amazing it is to cross paths with someone i do not know…because i have the power to change someone’s mood, just for a second or two. sometimes, that is all it takes.

it is powerful stuff, changing the way someone feels. i tend to be myself (i love being 40, so LIBERATING) now…which means to others, i’m a bit odd & some people find me ridiculous & it makes them smile (out of pity? who cares?! I’m over 40! i have no one, other than my kids, to impress).

which makes me feel as though i’ve used my superpower for good. (i’ve met evil & i can & WILL rise to the occasion. or not) the side effects of changing someone’s day (or minute) makes ME feel GREAT. which is why i do it all the time. another bonus-most people, with whom you’ve crossed paths with more than once, WILL REMEMBER YOU! (like my doctors & nurses)

i had a very crappy morning, due to a cold & crazy fevered dreams…so to get me out of this funk, i stripped this Bee of its color & painted him as a Candy Cane. i used the ‘make up’ settings in PicMonkey. i wanted to give him a bit of depth using shadows & highlights (lipstick & teeth whitener) i will not share with you the time it took to do this (while my house is a mess, beds unmade, leaves on the carpets) because that really isn’t the point.

it was ART therapy. NOW, i am in a much better mood.

Now-be the reason (for the season) someone smiles today, ok?

Here is the original shot of the beeIMG_1527 copy 2

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  1. Maverick ~ says:

    I was just thinking today that people always seem grumpier this time of year when it is supposed to be the season to be jolly. Guess I haven’t crossed paths with you. 🙂 Your bees look great!


  2. Linda Corliss says:

    Cute little candy bee!

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Don Eaves says:

    Wonderful art and sentiment. May your day be bright.


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