abstract kitty art…


the first painting is by a 6 year old, the other two paintings were done by 9 year olds. Amazingly, i can use any combination of media with the kids because there are NO RULES. all of the art i do with the kids, is made up by me. i find inspiration anywhere & because i can have them use any combinations, there is not fear of being criticized. ~amy

13 thoughts on “abstract kitty art…

    1. No Hobbes…:( But these kittens are fabulous, really, i was quite shocked how well they did the acrylic abstract. Kinda makes me wonder how anyone can pay so much for so many when they are the easiest to make. thank you, Julie, for asking about Hobbes. ~amy

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    1. Hi Eva! I will pass along your compliments to the girls. They did an incredible job, considering they had NO IDEA how everything would come together…which is why i like to mix things up a bit! Thank you! ~amy

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