Praying for GOOD to conquer evil.

“and from the ashes…”

We’ve all seen horror, It has always  walked among us. The reactions to the HORROR of what happened in France…have been so utterly heartbreaking. Some have been ignorance personified. Some have inspired goodness in others. And some have found Hope.

We cannot ever hope to eradicate Evil from this world. It walks beside us, It lives within our own families. It walks into our schools.

What to do about it? Pray for Strength for those who have been effected by this horror personally. Pray for Healing for the Nation of France. Pray for the Innocent-that are being blamed due to where they come from & how they PRAY.

I dislike repeating what everyone else has been saying. But SOME of the U.S. government is using this nightmare as a PLATFORM for their campaigns & the SHEEP that follow them, believe. Some people believe these politicians trying to take us back in time. The CRAZY thing is, i’ve seen more anger about what happened in France, then what has HAPPENED in our children’s schools. (WTF?!) Is that because when our children are murdered, maybe the government will take away our guns? Geez when will people understand that the government would order OUR soldiers to remove our guns?! Not some ghost in the night?

There are NO answers there. I wish to look forward to a time when we’ve learned to do the right thing by all people. Gosh. i’m sorry. i’m a little pissed off at the same old crap spewing from the nasty ignorance, or perhaps they are not so ignorant-but perhaps they know the paranoid love to believe there are monsters out there and the NRA, OOPS, I mean the government, owned by the NRA, wants the paranoid to buy their AK-47’s & a gazillion rounds to keep under their beds…rambling.

 I do know that stories of HOPE have been lighting up the darkness, for some of us. When I see crowds gather together on television-there are so many people, thousands upon thousands, that outnumber the Evil few. What Evil feeds on is power, control & fear. Without those things, Evil is diminished. Time after time, when we have witnessed Evil, it has been a few or just one person, that brings it to us-but when the dust settles, we have stood together, to help one another AND that is what we must remember

this is all i can think of doing. Other than not letting the NRAnyone profit from this by voting.


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  1. bluestempond says:

    Fear is a powerful force. Politicians and the NRA use it to suit their aims, and unfortunately it works.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Funny that i saw a pun, “the NRA use it to suit their aims” That is just it. Fear is a powerful force, so is love. ~amy


  2. dksmithphotography says:

    Never loose your passion for what is right!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you. I’ve had someone try to tell me i was wrong, but how could i believe them? ~amy

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      1. dksmithphotography says:

        Believe in yourself and follow your heart! This is what we should try to do each day – Go forth into the world in peace
        Be of good courage
        Hold fast to that which is good
        Render to no one evil for evil
        Strengthen the fainthearted
        Support the weak
        Love and serve the Lord with gladness and joy
        Honor all people
        Laugh often!
        Fear not!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Perhaps, Christopher. I do tend to go on a tangent at times. but anger really helps get my fingers moving across the board, although never as fast as my brain is working. 🙂 I’m sure there are typos galore, but i’m happy what i intended to convey was understood. ~amy

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  3. Hey Amy

    Good thing you moderate!

    The beginning reads like you do not tolerate others of different religions. I know you don’t mean it that way but that is how it reads.

    You see it?
    I Do NOT tolerate bigotry, racism, people of different religions.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      Thank you for pointing that out. I took that whole sentence out. Thanks! ~amy

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      1. You are welcome!


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