why pink costs more


i’ve always had to buy pink disposable razors, the cheapest of the cheap. gosh, i should have photographed my flesh wounds (but the exposed bone may have turned stomachs) to send to the makers of cheap pink razors. i think the company that makes both male & female razors has someone, at quality control, determine if the razors were good enough for the men’s or not. if not, the razors got tossed onto the floor, where they sit, perhaps for a year or so. then they are moved onto a beach somewhere, then they collect these razors, & put them in their pink ones for women. the company makes so much more money using the dull, rusty razor for woman because they KNOW women never really outgrow PINK & despite the fact they suck, they continue to buy them. (the company also knows MEN hate to shop-they don’t want to have to buy new razors every week)

i can now buy what i want, i bought black razors, disposables, and they are sharper & don’t leave bumps. i use men’s razors. there, i said it. they last three times as long & do a far better job.

i think women need to buy more men’s stuff. i bought a pair of jeans at the thrift store, i thought they were European because they had waist & length for the size. BUT the second i put them on, the pockets were ten times the size as my usual ones, pointed at the bottom (for men to scratch an itch?). i LOVE these, i can fit everything in my girly purse into my pockets! i don’t need a purse. it is so much easier to shop for unPINK things…and another bonus for having pockets ten times bigger, i can stuff the cash i can save not buying girly things.

12 thoughts on “why pink costs more

    1. Really? I’m a jacket shopping-aholic…luckily, i shop at consignment shops & thrift stores for fun & funky jackets. warmth mattered not…until winter sets in January. You have given me another isle to look at! Thank you!

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  1. You are so RIGHT. Men’s stuff is better than women’s, including fragrance. I like wearing men’s watches and men’s fragrance and now I’m going to buy men’s razors! Thanks for the tip!


    1. OH, Merilee–men’s shaving cream! It is thicker & smells so delicious! I wear a woman’s watch, but it looks like a mans…i needed BIG numbers to see them. Age sucks. Thank you for reading!!! & your compliments. ~amy

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    1. Well, that compliment cheered me up! I thank you for it. The sun will stay hidden above the rain clouds for the next week, would you mind sending the awesome compliments everyday? at least until the rain stops? You can make them up if you’d like. As in, Amy, your hair looks amazing today! Thank you so much. ~amy


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