at 11:30 in the morning, no one has a kitchen as fun as mine


all my art students were so jealous of my disco ball. i told them that i found mine in the Christmas clearance for .99cents.  i am Jewish & some of my art kids are as well…they were wondering how i came to be looking in the Christmas stuff. i told them i may be Jewish, but i’m an artist too. artists look outside the box. i then promised all of my Christian & Jewish art kids their own disco ball. one girl told me these were Christmas ornaments (the bowl full of disco balls/Christmas ornaments are on the kitchen table). i told her they were only ornaments if they were hung in an evergreen tree. if not in, nor on, a tree…then they are disco balls. So if anyone who celebrates Christmas has a stunning ornament they’d like to keep out all year long, just rename it.

9 thoughts on “at 11:30 in the morning, no one has a kitchen as fun as mine

    1. Alas, nothing can change my mood when it comes to cooking. i’m grateful i don’t eat at the time my kitchen sparkles. However, i am sure there are those who love to cook, perhaps they’d like it more with dancing music & light dancing all over the walls! ~amy

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    1. not actually, definitely! Marilee, have you gone outside, to the perfect weather, although a bit chilly. your mood…maudlin, poopy & the heat of the sun hits your face suddenly relieves you of your mood? THAT is the disco ball. it comes only one time a day, for a few hours, if it hangs in a western window…and has the same affect as the sun on your face X a gazillion. unless your are in Alabama, then it will be 14 days until my poopy mood is to be lifted~amy

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      1. I think it’s awesome and I’m going to get several small ones to hang in different windows! I already sent your post to my feng shui master who thinks it’s an incredible idea!

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