what a stunning succulent, too bad i can’t take you home


it is because i’d kill you in a week…unintentionally, of course. ~amy

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  1. You must have a brown thumb, like I do. I have come to accept that brown is the new normal for a lawn.


    1. Amy Saab says:

      ahhh, my thumb is only brown for succulents. i always, always think they must be thirst, when, in fact, i am drowning them. Thanks for your comment!~amy


  2. diz96 says:

    Love the math!!!


    1. Amy Saab says:

      is there a magic number sequence in the succulent? i do not do math, unless forced. Thanks!~amy


  3. mike says:

    it would take you that long?


    1. Amy Saab says:

      well, they struggle at the end & its difficult to know it’s truly dead, due to the discoloration, on just the bottom leaves. but i hear the gasps for air during that time. misinterpreting the gasps for water…

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