put your phone away & look at your part of the world


it is October & you might just see something like this.

BTW. i turned my phone off for one full day & my stress level plummeted. i felt as though i could fly because of the tremendous weight had been turned the BEEP off. we all should pick a day, once a week, where there is no cell phone on. everything & everyone will get in touch with you later. perhaps your Sabbath? #TurnOffCell

12 thoughts on “put your phone away & look at your part of the world

  1. Wholeheartedly agree! It’s sooo liberating to disconnect… deep breaths… being out in nature… spending time with my cat… watching the birds bathing in the fountain… heaven.


    1. Yes, Reggie…there is nothing like it. Before cell phones people had to call your house & leave a message, we could return the call when we felt like it. Now i feel like i’m hit from all sides. I need to ignore it everyday for a few house…so that it becomes easier to breathe. ~amy


    1. Hi Julie! Cell phones feel like nagging toddlers. I LOVED the way i felt with it off, that i’ve been leaving it behind. I carry it only when my children are out & about. I can get back to who ever wants me later. Thanks for the comment, its good to know that others feel the same way! ~amy


    1. I decided that my cell phone feels like a nagging toddler. Only this time around, i can turn it off! Peace & freedom to do as i please. Thank you for your comment! AND i’m glad you look at the ground too. ~amy

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    1. I’ve written the same to all that have talked about the cell phone…i’ve decided that my phone is akin to a nagging toddler. Only with this toddler, i can look at it when i WANT to. Otherwise, leave me alone, i’m busy living!!! Life is so much lighter without it. Thank you, Gretchen. ~amy

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