i love this color

10 thoughts on “i love this color

      1. I have always kept succulents around on my decks and patios. That was living in the low lands and beaches of California, but now that I am settled in the mountains I no longer have my collection since the freezing temps in the winter would for sure kill the succulents. Every thing changes but I do miss these hardy and unusual plants.


    1. Amazing succulent, isn’t it! I wish i bought it. But common sense stepped in, to remind me that i kill these because this house has terrible light. Maybe when i move out after the divorce, i will find a house full of windows, sitting on a hill with sunlight pouring all over me, cleaning me off. ~amy

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    1. Thank you! Please take it. Anyone can take anything, i would be so flattered to know that someone was walking around with one of my images as their screen saver for their phone! Right now it is my desktop screen saver. It looks fabulous. ~amy

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