who hunts humans?

least you forget, Mother Nature takes back what once belonged to her. & her partner, Father Time, never stops attempting (and succeeding) to turn everything back to dust…humans think of time as moving forward, ‘we make time’, we ‘find time’ as though we can control time. what we build & then what we claim as…

let me think about it

this statue was against a very textured stucco…so i decided to play with toys to make him look like this this guy was in the middle of green. didn’t do much, which one do i like better? the second one.

Vermont through his eyes

I live in Alabama. Sunday afternoon, i spent working in my gardens–because it was 68 degrees. i had perennials peeking up through the dirt, and yet…i envied Kip’s thigh deep Vermont snow. I love Kip’s photography & he is generous enough to share them with me.

Mother Nature & Father Time are artists

The elements can take their toll on…well, everything. Like ourselves, dammit. The water levels, the heat, the sun & time has turned this metal into an abstract painting. Photo tip: you carry a camera with you. Remember that you can find art everywhere, as long as you SEE instead of LOOKING. To SEE, one must…

orange it is…

Nature makes the most beautiful things & then some talented people make it art

old red truck

so cool, just sitting there letting Mother Nature have at it.

it takes a (DIY) village to house the birds

Instead of doing the watercolor commission or editing photo shoots…you know, the stuff that pays me, i decided i needed to just PLAY. It is summer after all. My daughter, Sophie, is the only child of mine who joined in the fun. The windows on the Mother Nature church of peace were painted with nail polish,…