sometimes i pretend i got the job

DSC_0094 i saw this & thought, what designers? flower? clothing? decorators? artists?

DSC_0015 anyway, i looked it up. its for people smarter than me. however, i didn’t really like their piece of paper. so i redid it. the word, ‘design’ is on a window of a shop in Mountain Brook, then i just added the rest. i do this quite often. it helps me learn new things. mine might be awful, but i had fun pretending i was in the running.

5 thoughts on “sometimes i pretend i got the job

    1. Hi David,
      I’m sorry, i haven’t left the house in ages & i walked around shooting things, beautiful things were everywhere. I should get out more. I am sorry about your inbox.
      Best wishes back,


  1. Amy, love YOURS!! wow hope they see it 🙂 I had to chuckle, sometimes, I too, might do “creative Resolutions” of others’ work. usually, just in my head though. I love how you have taken the time, thought, energy to use your imagination to create a more compelling image 🙂

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      1. The difference between yours and theirs – night and day! mine are usually, with my students’ paintings…which is fine; but, sometimes they’re others’ paintings. don’t tell! lol


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