love you to the moon & back– an art project


love you to the moon & back…i found these words in a catalog, a photograph of a kids room, with the tiny painting of love you to the moon… this art project made me look at EVERYTHING in a whole new way. i save some cool catalogs, but i never thought, nor could i afford many things inside them. i kept them for inspiration. i never thought that they themselves would become art.

the glass, flat on one side, rounded on the other, magnifies or distorts everything under it. i bought a bag of them at the Dollar Tree.  the pink one (above) & the one behind it, was made with a sparkly birthday gift bag i chopped up, then i added funky nail polish. i turned them upside down to dry if they were nail polish. the regular pictures from the magazines, i used Modge Podge, just paint your image, press the glass to the glue/picture, turn it so it is paper side up, allow to dry over night, cut excess paper off. add a magnet found at any craft store. great for your kids locker!

my art class kids & i did this project & made waaaayyyy too many, but man, did we LOVE doing it!

I do warn you, if you chose to take this project on, it is habit forming. ~amy

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