lookin’ for a belly rub…

25 thoughts on “lookin’ for a belly rub…

    1. Thank you so much. Usually people think of Calvin & Hobbes, i’ve never had one think of the philosopher. i read Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver, Hobbes was one of the characters, great read. ~amy

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      1. How silly of me. πŸ™‚ I loved calvin & hobbes. The tiger. puppet. stuffed. or maybe not? πŸ™‚
        Have a nice week-end.


      2. I handed my nephew a copy of Calvin & Hobbes as a gift–i wrote inside, “everything you need to understand about life is between these pages” My father, a doctor…looked at me & said really. Yes, really. ~amy

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    1. Hobbes is one of the coolest cat i’ve ever had. He loves art class, he has no fear of children & he flirts with the dogs…so either he is very brave or very dumb. I pick brave. πŸ™‚ ~amy

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