talkin’ about my girl


i haven’t taken photos of my daughter in a long time. i had all my gear still up from another shoot & i asked her.

“UUUuugghhhh, no mom, i’m so ugly” she said.

“i know, i just want to document how ugly you are” i said. (she knows i’m being as ridicules as she is)

“can you change your shirt?” i ask. She is wearing a black SAAB t-shirt that three other people could fit into.

“uuugghhh, why?” “just something prettier then a black t-shirt, please? i’m taking a basic head shot.” i feel a glimmer of hope because she leaves to change into a…sports bra.

“i don’t own anything pretty” i think she thought i’d give up. I grab a hair clip to pin up some of her MOUNTAINs of THICK hair.

“uuuggghhhhh, why are you messing up my hair?! you always clip it up & it looks ugly” she says.

“because it looks ugly, don’t worry about it, i’m not taking pictures for you, they are for me” i say.

so many of the images i took (i took less then a minutes worth of pictures) were caught mid-eye roll. among the 20 images, this is the one that made my heart stop. a heart stopping reaction is how i know i got a good one. the others? they make me laugh because i can’t wait to show her.

“Come and see how ugly you are!!! You’re gonna love it” i yell (a few days pass between shooting & editing because i got/have the flu) I have the one above on screen.

“oh, cool color, can you get rid of your logo and send it to me?” Β that is the best compliment i’ve ever gotten-about a photo i took of her.

“there is a much better one, wanna see it?” Β i show her all the mid-eye roll photos & we laugh over them. we play around with editing for a while. then she leaves the room & a little while later i hear…

“how do i look with a much darker eyebrows?” I look up from my computer & she has drawn a HUGE, dark monobrow above her eyes. she looks like a neanderthal. I beg to take pictures. she takes off at a run, to wash the brows off, i chase her saying…

“Pleeeaaaassseee? You look so beautiful”

20 thoughts on “talkin’ about my girl

    1. Thank you, Mary. She is something. She is at that yucky age where she is everything anti-mom…i’m just very uncool. So it was a HUGE compliment for her to ask for the photo. πŸ™‚ ~amy

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    1. It’s funny – she looks about the age my youngest began not wanting to pose for me. I used to get the constant eye-rolls and could only convince her it was due to some testing I was doing. Teen-aged girls…

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      1. Oh, it was a trial to photograph her…that was the only one i got, but she is glaring at me a bit. I thought it was funny that she ended up LIKING IT!!! Perhaps, she will be more willing next time. Good luck getting yours. Perhaps money for a movie would work? :)~amy


    1. Hi Reggie, Sophie is amazing in so many ways. I cannot wait until 14 is over & she starts to be more mature & loving again. I miss her terrible. We still play often, but she is anti-mom. Ugh, eye roll. ~amy

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