saying goodbye to Hobbes

Hobbes walked up to me, in the gardens, said his mute meow…i scratched him between his ears & said, “hello Hobbes” and he walked off into the sunset. This was Oct. 25th. Hobbes is one of the most photographed cats on this blog. His work as my art teaching assistant, along with his own painting,…

the cat that loves art class

my art class…three boys, one girl & one cat named Hobbes. my Wednesday art class. one is trying to squirt grey paint onto his paper. Hobbes watched the whole thing. so what are you going to do now?

to walk in fields of gold…a photographer’s dream

except the field is too small. perception is everything. but the way, Hobbes, my cat, looks really mean in this pic because he is glaring at a bee. he got stung last week by a yellow jacket & has yet to trust any type of flying bug

lookin’ for a belly rub…

what a flirt. hobbes offers that tummy so often, but it comes with a price. the only way i know when i have to stop is when i remove his retractable, Wolverine-type claws from my bloody, punctured flesh.