the backside of the Cosmos

DSC_0537 DSC_0510

i love, LOVE, LOVE taking photos of flowers from behind (gosh, that sounds dirty, do you think the flowers think i’ve got a dirty mind?!). most of the time, when the green part of the bud opens to allow the blossom to emerge, it resembles a flower.  i also like to photograph furry stems–because when backlit, they look as though they have a halo of light that surrounds them…a bit magical i think.

25 thoughts on “the backside of the Cosmos

    1. I love finding a new way to see something old. Light moves over everything & sometimes i’d find something too hot (overexposed) to attempt to shoot, so i just went behind it AND wow! Have fun, Rajiv! ~amy


    1. My flowers love when my hands get dirty. I am fascinated by their imagery. although, i wouldn’t call it erotic. i call it stunning. i need glasses to see 12″ away clearly, so i don’t wear them very much b/c i notice too much & i go into overload. but when i do wear them, i seem to notice everything…although it is more of a response in my chest that tells me to take the photo. Thanks for the comment. ~amy


    1. I think my favorite comments are those from people who say i inspired them to look at something different. Gives me goosebumps to know that. Thank you so much! ~amy


      1. This truly is spectacular. sometimes the best photos do come from these happy accidents and you have such a wonderful eye to see them and capture them. My husband is amused when he sees me now holding a flower or leaf up to the sun or other light and looking back through it. But he does concede it is a beautiful and different view.


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