a lost cat, that has found me

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this lost kitten (?) found me. It took a few weeks before she would come close to me. i saw her only at dusk & dawn. But this morning, she found me & asked for some food, which i did. I gardened all morning & she stayed with me for a few hours. I think she is a Russian Blue. Anyone know? Anyone know if she is a kitten or a cat? When i gain her trust, i will take her to the vet & have her fixed. She is a stunner. I call her Quicksilver.

19 thoughts on “a lost cat, that has found me

  1. I have had “kittens” find me quite frequently. Living in a rural area many people drop off their unwanted kitties. I currently have adopted one mama that gave me her two golden tabbies and just this past winter I adopted a long hair black female. All have been to the kitty doc and now are living happily with their forever home. πŸ™‚


    1. Lucky you! Being in a rural area, i can see why it would be great to have a few cats around. :). This one i named Quicksilver. SO beautiful & loving. he will ‘hug’ me, but will not allow me to do the same. I know he is young & i’ve told him he is loved & cared for. all hearts need this. ~amy


  2. Russian Blue it is! I had the same cat long time ago, absolute beauty he was. Love the name you gave to this stunning looking kitty. Mine was a male and quite large so I would guess this one is a young one. Happy that you got close to her and try to find a home for this beautiful cat! Good luck I wish to both of you!


  3. Her tipped ear means she’s already fixed! Animal control spayed her and then brought her back to her wild home. What stunning photos. Captures her features and coat perfectly!


    1. I posted his (i found out) picture on my Facebook page & someone told me the same thing. i think it is wonderful that they don’t capture & kill. I assumed it was frostbitten ear b/c i grew up in Vermont, where this happens far too often to cats that think they can go anywhere despite the temps. Thank you for sharing this information…other don’t know about this, i’ll bet. Quicksilver has made my home his…for now. I will be grateful for his company & love until he decides its time to move on…but i hope he stays. ~amy


    2. Someone told me that as well, so wonderful. people picking up stray feral cats & fixing them…but to return them?! Truly one of the sweetest things i’ve heard in a long time. Thank you for sharing this info! ~amy


    1. Hi Loisajay, i found out she is a he. And it was Hobbes who told him i was a pretty cool human. Before Hobbes told him that, if i saw him in the yard, he would bolt. Hobbes is a good teacher. They try to catch fireflies together. ~amy

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    1. Thank you. I don’t think he wants to be adopted. If i rub his back too hard, like a hug…he gives me the dirtiest look & then takes off. I will take whatever he wants to give me. I do hope that he becomes so used to me, that he picks us to live with. ~amy

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