art cats

15 thoughts on “art cats

    1. Oh, Ninja…she is so fat & lazy, your title is ironic! I love her. She is my snuggle bunny. When i read, she is with me at all times, with her motor (purr) running. She brings me so much comfort. Thanks, Eva! ~amy

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    1. The tissue paper was too colorful not to photograph them in front of her. In some of the images, you can see the colors reflected in her dark pupils. Thank you for your lovely compliment. ~amy


  1. What a comfort those little cats are to you Amy. Especially Hobbes, the studio cat. I think the black one is Ivy? Maybe? A beautiful photo of a very glossy black cat. I love them both

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    1. My cats are AMAZING…but i suppose most lovers of cats believe this to be true of their own. But Hobbes, i don’t think there is another cat quite like him. He loves children & he LOVES art classes more than anything. I’m so lucky. And yes, Ivy is the sleek black one. She has a purr as loud as a motorcycle. She is my snuggle bunny. But she is terrified of strangers & hides in the closet when the door bell rings. Thank you Karen. I do like Hobbes title…”The Studio cat”, i think i’ll use that one as a title for another post. Thank you for thinking of it! ~amy

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