The cat desperate for a kiss

29 thoughts on “The cat desperate for a kiss

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    1. Hi, no it is never ok for cats to eat chocolate. Hobbes was showing off, once he got the kiss, he had no interest in eating it. he just kicked it around the room for a bit. then i took it away from him. it did make for some cute pics though. Thank you! ~amy


    1. Hobbes, my cat is so helpful with all the children that attend my art classes in the studio. Knowing that an animal loves to watch them create makes for a funny class! ~amy


  2. hahaha Hobbes – Shiiinnnyy wrappers 🙂 I love all the photos, but perhaps the first is the cutest 🙂
    I’m glad he got one to play with – but “throwing away” your chocolate kisses?? Surely they were only a leetle “kitty”? I figure when we live with our pets, we’ve pretty much caught anything they might infect us with already. And chocolate is irreplaceable! 🙂


    1. Oh, i had to say that i threw them away…and i did, because i posted it on Facebook too. All my art kid’s parents would want to know that the chocolate i gave their kids didn’t have cat saliva on it. 🙂 The first is my favorite photo too…and wouldn’t you know it, my flash didn’t fire when he finally got one in his mouth!!! ~amy

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    1. I do know Hobbes can’t eat chocolate. I took it away from him after he played with it for a while, but he was showing off to the art class kids & i couldn’t resist photographing it!


    1. Thank you, I did toss them because i was posting them for all my art kid’s parents to see. I didn’t want them thinking their child would get sick or something. Hobbes is a perfect cat! I am truly blessed!


    1. I’ve said that several times….i think i have a post with that title. Hobbes loves the art classes i give to children. He jumps on the table, to watch…sometimes he tries to grab a pencil, it breaks my heart to think that is what he is doing. He is an extraordinary cat. ~amy


    1. Hobbes has no interest in the foil or the chocolate within. He was showing off to the kids that were there for art class. He knows the chocolate is for them, at the end of each class & i think he wanted to show them, that he deserved one too! ~amy


    1. Thank you, Loisajay! He was showing off to my art class kids. I did let him play with it a bit, then i threw them all away. He is such a superstar cat…Hobbes attends almost all my classes, he loves watching the kids create! ~amy


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