my black cat is scared of sunlight

On rare occasions, Ivy, my cat, will be seen during the daytime. The first image is of her basking in the sun (a rare sight indeed). A friend of mine has a black cat too. I asked her about the shyness & she informed me that most black cats are like this. So based on…

art cats

My cats LOVE my art studio. The black cat seldom comes out when the kids are here, but when they are gone, she will find a cool place to take it easy!

finding a monster in my bed

somedays it isn’t worth it to make the bed. i may upset the beastie that has burrowed deep inside the blankets. Ivy is very smart. I should have spent the day as she did.

somebody’s watching you

i feel a bit lucky. Ivy @ her best. Only the coolest witches are lucky enough to love the blackest of cats…adopt one, if your brave enough.

Ivy hanging off my desk

Ivy hanging off my desk

She is my assistant, in that she assists in cleaning everything off my desk then dusts it clean, using her tail.