the colorful philosopher

he perches in the middle of ‘Y’ and looks to the heavens for answers. or maybe he is watching the hawk watching him…

the dirty bird

I don’t understand why they are thought of as flying rats. The clean up after us, like little street cleaners. They have an internal compass & can always find their way home. So if our power grid, satellites, communication via phones ever get knocked out by the sun…we can use them for messengers again. Their…

the bird

e my puppy disembowels his stuff dog toys outside on the deck. this bird wanted it for his/her nest. anyone know what type of bird this is?

gemstone feathers

i think the feathers were created from crushed gemstones…a macaw @ the¬†Birmingham¬†zoo

camera shop birdhouse

i bought this birdhouse on clearance yesterday @ Leaf & Petal (summit) for five dollars. I took it home & cut up one of my favorite calendar art pages & decoupaged the camera’s all over the birdhouse. The Hasselblad went on the front b/c my father taught me to shoot with his when i was…