a Husky, a creek & two swat team agents

14 thoughts on “a Husky, a creek & two swat team agents

  1. Your husky looks an awful lot like my Malamute, though one of the easiest ways to tell is by the ear placement and of course eye color, as Malamutes don’t have silver or bi-eyes. I didn’t notice any full on face photos of your fuzzy faced beauty to see her ear placement. Anyway she’s beautiful, sled dogs and owners unite!!


    1. I had another Husky, he was solid white with blue eyes. He weighed over 100lb which made me think he was part Malamute. Nala is all husky. I fostered her for Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue…but the minute she walked into the house, i knew she would be mine. As i sit here & write to you, she is laying at me feet, under my desk. I call her my shadow! I grew up in Vermont & I would watch the dogs run through the snow, pulling a sled & decided right then, i would have one. I got what i wanted. Thank you for your comment! I will try to find a photo of Nala full face for you to see! ~amy

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