a Husky, a creek & two swat team agents

doing what boys & dogs are meant to do… Nala, my Husky, has never been down to the creek, it seemed too steep for her to climb down. I brought a long lead, tied her to a steal bench on the embankment above the creek. As soon as she saw her boy down there, she…

turn your back from the sun

and you may find the light reflected back at you anyway. Burlington, Vermont…boardwalk on the shore of Lake Champlain

our frosty creek

that lines the back of our property is such a gift to have. We are lucky to see the seasons reflect in it’s waters & the land the borders it.

she has it all

one day a woman wished for wealth, and she became wealthy. But, she wasn’t happy. The woman wished to be famous, to seen by all. Still, she wasn’t happy. Then she wished to rule over everyone. She became very powerful. Still, she wasn’t happy. She kept demanding more & more things…growing ever more bitter, saying…

stacked stones

my mother’s porch. her glass art, a miniature, sits atop her pile of stones. someday those stones could find themselves as sand, then fired in a kiln, made into glass… DIY art project…the stacking of stones is one anyone can do.  Glue together if they are to sit in the garden.