its like owning a wolf


but when you stick your hands deep into her fur, its like burrowing into a bear.


if you are interested in this breed, please check to see if there is a Siberian Husky Rescue in your state. Nala was rescued by us.

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  1. amy says:

    Look at Nala’s grin =D Pretty baby!


  2. jpeggytaylor says:

    She is beautiful šŸ™‚ I always show your Nala photos to my youngest son – he’s a great fan of wolves, bears and huskies! We used to regularly meet a husky on our way home from school a few years ago … I think that was an influencing factor for him!


  3. lemony69 says:

    Aww I just want to pet her. Love her eyelashes šŸ™‚


  4. loisajay says:

    I am in love with those ears….


  5. Love these guys, I have Greyhounds.. too hot in South Florida for the Huskies


  6. She looks beautiful ..


  7. scifihammy says:

    I’ve always loved the blue-eyed huskies šŸ™‚


  8. Princess Nala, what can I say, she is the most gorgeous husky ever, I love her!


  9. Nala is so fine. My son just rescued a pitt mix and named her Nala. He said the name means beloved. Both your Nala and his are certainly well loved.


  10. John says:

    So beautiful!


  11. Reggie says:

    Oh my, Nala is just breathtakingly gorgeous. You are lucky to have her in your life.


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