lavender colored fireworks beside the parking deck

18 thoughts on “lavender colored fireworks beside the parking deck

  1. Hey Amy … haven’t seen you for a few days. Pretty colors here. Did you get my query about load times at 2me4art? Yours is the totally slowest blog to load on my computer. I’m wondering why? At what resolution do you load your images? How about those in the side bars? You might consider uploading slightly smaller images and that might speed things up. Check your theme to see what the recommended load size is. Helpful me. D


    1. Hello D. I agree, ever since i uploaded my sidebar galleries, it takes forever to do anything. I’ve gotten rid of two, but now that you’ve said something, of which i’m very grateful, I will eliminate more galleries. the size of my images i’ve uploaded has remained the same, so it has to be my galleries. Or perhaps my husband didn’t renew my blog! Oy.
      I’ve been in Gulf Shores, Alabama, vacationing with my family. Also, my art studio has been torn asunder & all my belongings have been piled into the dinning room, floor & table, & on the living room floor & my computer was shoved into a corner. I’m rambling. Good to hear from you. ~amy


      1. Ha! I think I have mentioned that you and I share a bit of religious tradition and so your exclamation ‘Oy’ reminded me of home and many of the small notes I receive from my older sister. Thanks for putting a bit of a smile on my face this morning! D


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