Homewood Antiques & Marketplace

10 thoughts on “Homewood Antiques & Marketplace

  1. I’m working (remotely) on decorating a house in B’ham, Alabama–in a neighborhood called Homewood Hills. Is this nearby? I’ll be on site in the early fall, and I appreciate all of your great recommendations for local stores since I don’t know the area at all. Love your eye.


    1. That is cool, Jennie! Downtown homewood is only a block long & mostly filled with restaurants. Good shopping would be at the Summit or the Brookwood Mall…As far as home decorating, I think you’d have luck downtown. Homewood is pretty small, so I’m sure you’ll be close by this store. Thanks for the compliment! ~amy


    1. I can’t wait to go back. There was so much to see, but I was with my daughter & i had promised her another store. BUT, we both bought a local artists jewelry while we were there. Thank you for the compliment! ~amy


    1. I loved where they placed the hugging statues. All that brick & the pipes…so cool. I bought that necklace! It was only $23 dollars & the artist lives in Birmingham. I can support the arts for that price!


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