ever notice that the camera can’t catch red?

12 thoughts on “ever notice that the camera can’t catch red?

    1. Cameras are machines, in order to edit the image to look as it did in person, you have to add the human element back into it. Just like an artist does. If you are shooting artwork, use daylight, but not placed in the sun. If you shoot under artificial light, then usually blue or cyan must be added…Just tossing out a few ideas to try. ~amy


    1. Yup, Linda, that is one of my favorite flowers, I just wish they were perennials. I have three in my own garden this year. I got them at Sweet Pea Garden Shop in Homewood for 1.95 a pot! ~amy


    1. Nope, not you. The camera has always seen red as a blob. But if you edit the image…take away some saturation, pop up the contrast…fiddle with it & see if you can fix it that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~amy

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    1. I usually correct the red, but when i did with this one, i lost the cool center. Besides, i see so many red blobs of flowers, i thought other photographers/gardeners would like to know its not just them that it happens to. I would shoot raw, but i’m a bit too lazy to wait for the shutter to fly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, if its for me, then I would do so. Thanks, Timothy. ~amy


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