yellow! orange you beautiful?

i really, really love the last image…the soft focus on the HUGE zinnia & the wee yellow weed flowers sharp as a tack.

why so shy, beautiful?

a zinnia that had enough of being upright, decided this was a better way of living. my gardens, Birmingham, Alabama

ever notice that the camera can’t catch red?

red or hot pink flowers are difficult for the camera to ‘see’– sometimes the images come out muddy or look as though the red has been added in later…this Zinnia was a stunner, you’ll have to take my word since you can’t see it. 🙂

I paid one dollar for this vase

I put the vase on the runner & it looked like it belonged there. I bought this ‘vase’ for a dollar at pier 1. Its really a candle holder. I think it will work wonderfully when all my big Hydrangea bloom.