as luck would have it…

14 thoughts on “as luck would have it…

  1. This is STUNNING! See what I mean about you being so spontaneous? You never miss a trick!
    I am so glad you had some rain, I know that you said your flowers needed it.


    1. We’ve had lots of crazy days here. One minute hot sun in a clear blue sky to thick black rain clouds the next minute. So HUMID! Ugh. I become sticky within seconds of going outside & the temps are in the upper 80F before 9a.m. Alabama in the summer is like living in a sauna. I don’t like it. I loved my Vermont summers. Cool & breezy.
      About seeing…did i ever tell you that i need glasses for my one ‘good’ eye? I don’t wear them unless I’m driving or watching a movie with the kids. I do wear them when i have my camera. I see/notice a bit too much & I can get a headache with too much visual stimulation. Maybe because I see differently from most people with having a near blind right eye. My father, the eye doctor, told me that i can’t see in 3D & i just distance with shadow & size… who knows. It is a gift at times, when i have my camera, other times, i become stressed & anxious!
      I’m rambling. Sorry! ~amy


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