TBThusday…1975 Berlin, Vermont


my kids & i have begun the gigantic task of cleaning out & putting to rights (the first time ever) the art/game closet. i found this double exposure, taken by my father, buried under heaps of junk. i’m not sure if the softer image is me or my twin brother…strange, that i cannot tell the difference…can you tell if the two children are really one? my brother had bone straight hair, while mine went everywhere.

11 thoughts on “TBThusday…1975 Berlin, Vermont

  1. Hello, Amy! It’s two different children – and what a lovely, lovely find. It is so important to print photos and stash them away so they can safely travel through time and pop out when you least expect them…


  2. A priceless treasure found is always exiting, happy for you! I think that’s you twin brother, the hair and the smile looks different! Amazing shot, your Dad had just like you an eye and vision for photography. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh, I didn’t catch that image, my father did. That is me. My father had a darkroom in our house & began teaching us to develop & print black & white when we were that very age. Thank you for the compliment on my father’s eye. ~amy


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