Evil wraps itself around my Azealas…

Evil wraps itself around my Azealas...

This invader smells like a dangerous woman…in church.
Too much nickel & dime store perfume. Honeysuckle looks like a type of alien…I mean orchid. I read about this creepy vine/ boa constrictor while growing up in Vermont, my stories told me that nothing smelled sweeter, or tasted sweeter, then the Honeysuckle. I assumed it was a knockout. (These are the same books that told me how stunning the Magnolia tree is.) What they didn’t tell me was…it is a killer.
It is wrapping itself around my azaleas, hydrangeas and is attempting to climb the grape vine trellis. When they are in bloom, it is the perfect time to catch them. Catch them in the act of strangling, because if you want to be noticed by a bee,  you have put on a bright yellow dress & wear too much perfume.

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