and all I had was my iPhone

and all I had was my iPhone

I, being the perfect daughter (dripping sarcasm, i write), visited with my mother (i am blessed) on Mother’s day. No camera, only iPhone (Ggrrr). I should know by now that I should never go home…(oops) to my parent’s house, without my (damn) camera. My mom made this piece of art (that I left behind 😦 when I went home). My mom never stops making art (never, ever). Her love of glass, paper & rocks are all over the house (gosh, its like a museum). Every nook & cranny filled bronze, wax, beads, and glass (every media known to man, really, if there is one they forgot, I would love to know it.). I will go back to my parent’s house to take pictures of all of the art. I will share & show how art is in my blood & bones. (and I thank God for it)

He is my Great Grandfather.

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    1. 2me4art says:

      OMG you. I’ve missed you! We need to visit! I was told by your sister that you have an amazing green thumb & that I need to see what you have done…get in touch. -amy


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