the bunny and the frogs

the bunny & the frogs

Ok, I’m Jewish & my husband is Catholic. Our kids are being raised Jewish. We light candles on Shabbat, we go to Temple on Sunday mornings to learn our Hebrew to be a bat/bar Mitzvah. We sometimes go Friday nights.

Passover is coming, about the same time as Easter. One year my husband wanted the kids to have Easter baskets & put me in charge of filling them. I filled their baskets with kid mouthwash, a toothbrush, some new underwear, flip flops & my FAVORITE candy, the Cadbury egg(s) & some peeps & some other sugar favorites of mine. The kids were only two, four & nine- I thought I had done great. My husband does the shopping now. As he should, as long as I get a few eggs.

Passover, there is nothing like the cute bunny. There are Locusts, plagues, pustules, dead beasts of burden, death of the first born son. My son loves the story. The cartoon will forever be imbedded into his psyche. Which is fine, I love the whale scene when Moses smacks down his stick sort of like Nanny McFee. Which is what I said when I saw Nanny McFee smack down her stick,”That’s like Moses in that movie!”
So we do have a good movie to watch while we eat Matzo for a week. I felt it unfair that the Easter bunny was so cute, isn’t he cute? Then I found a bag of frogs in our Temple gift shop & just like eggs we put them everywhere, except you can see the frogs. We could now compete with cuteness. I’m lucky all my kids like frogs. For me, holidays are all about the children, they are the links to bind us to a story passed down for thousands of years. But they are the weakest link & I believe a cute bunny can change a child or two about who they want to be. Its our job to remind them what they are & why we tell the story, to show them how to make them a part of history, how to not break the chain. All kids grow out of bunnies & frogs, but the meaning of why they celebrate these holidays are imbedded into their very fiber. Which is something Matzo sorely lacks.

Have I sold out? Or have I adapted? I couldn’t help who I fell in love with, it’s a different world today. My Great Grandfather came from Lithuania & my husband’s Grandfather came from Lebanon. Guess what, we mixed up those genes when we had our children. They will have internal struggles, but not about their Grandfathers. My kids may all grow up & marry a Catholic, not because of their religion, but because of Love.
But I will make sure they sit at my table for Seder & know the story that is still embedded into my children.
And I will pray when I’m to old to hold a spoon, my children will have a Seder for me.

There concludes the story of the bunny & the frogs. & the Cadbury egg.

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      you’re about the only one. Any luck on your blog or does it still belong to 2me4art?


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