the unthinkable happened today!

I got my 14 year old son to sit for one minute, thirty seconds for photos!! It was a battle. He decided he didn’t want to die on that hill. and I won! He did get cocky (see his funny expressions) & i had to push him back down to the stool when he tried…

paint the trains red

my beautiful son @ age two. I bought him the letters of his name in unfinished wood. His favorite color then was red & black. I LOVE his little curl at the top of his head. Wish I could time travel & snuggle with him for a while.

his third four leaf clover

We sat in the grass to watch my daughter’s race. My son tells me he has found two four leaf clovers before & tells he is going to try to find another. Thirty seconds later he turns around holding this. I knew i was lucky when he was born.

the story about how the spider caught a rainbow

not really a story. i made her (spider) mad. I took the water spritzer for my plants…& i washed her web for her. doesn’t it look grand? the droplets caught light & shattered it into a rainbow. i’m so lucky that she, my halloween spider decorator, decided to build her web above my front door….

phones can capture moments

that mean the most. photographs can be art & they can be the best moments captured. unplanned moments that squeeze our hearts when viewed later. at the time, this was my every weekday life. a chore. carpool with my dogs in the back of my old SAAB. I would get my youngest first, then to…

my son & Blue

In fields of gold. We got Blue when my son was 4 months old. They were born a month apart & my son, when he was old enough to talk, would say, “Blue & I are brothers” Blue grew into an old dog while my son remains a boy. We lost Blue in February. This…