Whimsical & closed on Mondays

I did get some great pictures of dolls in the window, but if you are a serious doll collector, I would learn this owners name. She does repairs, she owns a gazillion dolls that I could see. AND she has the coolest sign ever.

star gazing

under the florescent lights of a wonderful toy store in Mountain Brook.

not for a weak stomach

Yes, that is Nala killing her pink pig again. Nala’s favorite toys are pink pigs. Sophie sewed its head back on a couple of months ago & Nala has yet to rip it back off. Which I would consider a complement to Sophie’s sewing. However, Sophie still has work to do. I bought a pig…

the bunny and the frogs

Ok, I’m Jewish & my husband is Catholic. Our kids are being raised Jewish. We light candles on Shabbat, we go to Temple on Sunday mornings to learn our Hebrew to be a bat/bar Mitzvah. We sometimes go Friday nights. Passover is coming, about the same time as Easter. One year my husband wanted the…

The dream machine

At our Purim carnival (The Bible story about Esther), out of all the games, this one had the longest line. The kids would be peeking around the friend in front of them to see if the friend at the machine got a prize, hoping it wasn’t the stuffed animal they were wishing for. When the…