Vermont hike

This was taken by Kip during one of his many hikes through Vermont. He can go where i cannot, so as a gift to me, at least i consider it one, he sends me my favorite images so that i may post them here. ~amy

many suns

all the size of a half dollar, sitting on the counter, in Leaf & Petal in the Village of Mountain Brook

Art supports me

Not with money, but with love. A friend’s bulletin board. Vermont Public Radio.

So…how are you feeling?

I love this face. I found him stuck here in the hallway of a florist shop. A wonderful place called, “Uncut Flowers LLC’ They work magic.


but when I got close enough to see the gum balls they had all melted together & it was such a traumatic site, I don’t think I’ll ever look at gum balls the same way again. 🙂