Genetically Altered Roses..

11 thoughts on “Genetically Altered Roses..

    1. hi, i just wrote nice to see you on your last comment, the kitten. I’ve not been blogging much at all. i just posted a bunch of stuff yesterday. Yes my ordeal is over. time is going to improve every damn day! Take care! ~amy

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      1. That is the attitude! I’m glad it is over, so you can put it behind you. As usual the kids may take it harder. I seem to remember you have a daughter? (A son too, or did I just dream that?) 🙂


      2. YOU are so cool. Yes, i am better, so, so much better. The kids have a hard time going to their father’s house, still. that is tough, listening them complain. Sophie stays under the covers the day of transfer, after school, of course. I have two daughters, Hannah is 20, Sophie is 15 & my son, Henry is 13. Thank you for cheering me up this morning! ~amy

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      3. Any time Amy. It is a difficult phase. But then with time it eases away. And your kids are at a difficult age of transformation when they do could do without that… aggravation. But eventually kids are resilient too. Just make sure you keep an open ear and eye for them. Glad to hear you sound ok. Be good. B.


      4. Kids are both fragile (thinner skin, they haven’t seen all the ugliness of the world yet) and strong (they’re immortal. Still) So, you just have to navigate between their two sides. 😉


      5. Hi…i am wondering why you left such an amazing comment on such a terrible post? I saw all my spelling errors, which lets me know just how messed up my brain was after my surgeries…geez, how embarrassing. My kids have seen the ugliness & horror of this world, they were bathed in it from conception on. However, i have given them a new home, to show them that life is NOT always like they knew. that they can find peace & no longer live in fear. Thank you for your lovely advice/observation. ~amy

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      6. Hi Amy. Don’t worry about typos. I didn’t notice. I guess the substance of the text was more important, hence the comment. 🙂 And I’m glad you have managed to pull your kids out of fear. Not an easy thing to do. Be good. B.


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