the story about how the spider caught a rainbow

not really a story. i made her (spider) mad. I took the water spritzer for my plants…& i washed her web for her. doesn’t it look grand? the droplets caught light & shattered it into a rainbow. i’m so lucky that she, my halloween spider decorator, decided to build her web above my front door….

The Magnolia Blossom

This blossom is as big as a dinner plate. I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama for 20 years, this year. This is the very first time I’ve seen a blossom this close. Usually they are thirty feet in the air. A blossom lasts a few days & then turn the color of dirty gym socks….

The American Civil war from the Southern side

I’m a yankee to the marrow of my bones.  I live in the deep south & I have for 20 years (gasp)  My children are Southerners.  In the North, I never saw Union soldiers dolls, or cheap reproductions of other’s art.  What I have noticed in Alabama is that there seems to be a great…


did I get your attention? I learn a lot from bloggers about gardening, cutting fresh flowers, photography etc My desk is a pile of notes EVERYWHERE, post it, pads students have given me. When I write, part of me knows I will never find what I’m looking for & when my desk has not one…

Two of Thursday’s artists showed up with science…of a sort

Each had tweezers & a bag of gummy bugs.  When they got a bug out of the bag using the tweezers & squeezed the tweezers a light would shine …making it appear as though the bug was glowing.  Yummy! Gosh, they are so  cute, I would eat the up. The boys, not the bugs. 😉

Look what my art students gave to me

I didn’t want go to teach this morning, but I know once I get there, the kids always change my mood for the better. I had Kindergarten first-22 kids. We were talking about good deeds & one of the children said he wanted to make a painting & give it to me as his good…