Cahaba Heights Hardware-it looks like an antique building. But boy they have the best service. i used my iPhone…

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  1. sometimes your eye kicks serious butt. this is one of them 🙂


    1. 2me4art says:

      2. Stupid iPad won’t let me write much. Should i just end my babbling here? My reaction was …duh my friend is from France & she laughed &said that’s way too small. Perfect. Guy turn red faced & yanked his jeans back up.that is what is preventing me to take good pix.


    2. 2me4art says:

      3. So you’ll have to settle for crap, for a while, I’m not walking down town until I have a man with me! Wanna see Birmingham, Alabama?


    3. 2me4art says:

      1. Me & a friend went downtown on a Sunday morning to take pix, I loaned her my old d50. We were there so I could take pix of her for her blog, but we wanted other photos for hanging. This tall blond, neatly dressed guy started following us. My friend said,”don’t worry about it”. we round the corner & his jeans are down & he is very excited to see us. Now go to the top comment to finish the story. iPad messed up everything. Birmingham Alabama has so much history, that I’d love to photograph, but i’m kinda broken & somedays are in the bed days, so I drive in my neighborhood because I can’t drive that far. I also have 3 kids, 2 dogs,2 cats, 2 birds & I bought myself a fish tank for the art room for the kids.
      So you will just have to see nice things. Until i get down town. :)Amy


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