A. Saab’s visual of Summer

Genetically modified watermelon.

 The marks on her thigh & arm are the end result of a jellyfish sting in the Gulf of Mexico. This brave little girl. She was afraid at first & I asked her if she was going to let the jelly ruin her vacation. NO! & she didn’t, then I got stung, Holy Cow. Bring vinegar takes the sting out. 

What fifteen is- two different people in one body. Each side fighting for control. Child or Adult? Days like these, those two people merge in to a balance & brings her peace

Stop & smelling roses as big as the sun

The weapon used for hundred of years, made of different materials. Our Alabama horseflies or houseflies wear war paint.
Don’t be afraid, they are not monsters. Well, the one on the left, when young put a nice dent in my bedroom door with his hockey stick, he is known as the Michal, brother to me. The floating head is my Dad. Lillian, Alabama

You know, you either have it or you don’t. I thought some men had to practice being cool by watching movies or something, I was wrong, some are just born that way. My son