72 hours in Panama City

I went to Panama City Beach with my best friend the weekend before last. i took my camera with me. i even brought it into the beach house. but i didn’t use it, not once. Some of these images were shot with either my iphone or my ipad. The shots of the crab were taken…

the Friend Ship lollipop

i added going for a sail on this boat to my bucket list.  Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

horses at the stop sign

i was being driven around Northern Vermont by one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world…i saw so much beauty. at a high rate of speed, i tried desperately to relax & enjoy the view & i might have done, had i resided in Vermont. BUT, i am living in Alabama, i wanted…

To see ourselves as others see us

based on Robert Burns poem.  this image I took a couple of years ago.  she felt beautiful at that moment & I was blessed to have caught it.