aliens staring at me

everyone assumes these are flowers, but what if they’re faces? did you ever thing the bamboo was intend to restrain them, from escaping, rather then helping them stand tall? the light was just right at leaf & petal, Mountain Brook, Alabama

i am going to watercolor you

this one, is wow. I wanna paint it. what is so great about this Orchid, is it doesn’t have the painted/dyed green bamboo to hold it upright. if you want this on, it is at Leaf N’Petal in Mountain Brook Village! perhaps this one too.

the last pea

i mean Sweet Pea Garden Shop photos. Sweet Pea is located in downtown Homewood, Alabama. A fantastic nursery to visit. Everything from garden art, signs, gifts, flowers, herbs, orchids, annuals, perennials, lots of shade loving perennials, water plants & a beautiful calico cat.

high praise indeed

just thinking of all the compliments this sun worshiping orchid got in the store…

i love blue

i think i’m going to start a collection of blue glass. i love, love, love it empty or not. i found these at Leaf & Petal in Mountain Brook Village, Alabama.