Oliver meets the big dogs

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I think Nikon should test their VR NIKKOR lens in low light, while holding onto a puppies leash to see if the VR (vibration reduction) really works. Again, i am posting images that are out of focus, but they are too cute not to show. Even though my pup looks…

…I got Oliver from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society…at his second check up i showed the Vet the hair loss around his eyes. Demodectic Mange or Demodex mites…a type of mite he got as a babe, from his mom. He isn’t contagious, otherwise i never would have taken him out of the house. He looks terrible, but he has been treated, the vet warned me he’d lose more fur. But people still thought he was adorable. (I told people he had a skin disorder instead.) My friend Allan said that this “must be Oliver’s best day as being a dog so far” i agreed. Oliver passed out in the car within seconds.


I love the leash reflected in her sunglasses. DSC_5992

My friend Allan (above) is a great photographer. I cannot wait to show you what he can do!

We went to two local breweries yesterday. The Avondale Brewery had a music festival & Cahaba Brewery had an arts festival…and a petting zoo. The charge to get into the petting zoo was $5. Allan slipped in to see if it was something we wanted to see. People were petting BEES!! We decided not to pet the bees.


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  1. hello oliver its dennis the vizsla dog hay demodectic mange!!! i had that wen my mama and dada adopted me mine wuz so bad that i only had maybe twenny or thirty persent of my furs left!!! i am shoor that befor long all the fur arownd yore eyes wil be bak in and no wun wil ever no it wuznt their for a wile!!! ok bye


    1. Hi Dennis, Yes, that is what he had! His fur is growing back in already. He feels like a man needing to shave. I cannot wait to see him with fur on his head again! ~amy


  2. Now that’s a very happy puppy! Ah so it’s a Nikon you use! 😃


    1. Hi Julie, yes, my puppy is ALWAYS happy. Its getting harder because he is growing so fast. That Nikon he is holding is his! Great minds. ~amy

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  3. Linda Corliss says:

    What a great day! Well, Allan earned my affection when he said ‘whatever’ about Oliver’s best day as a dog! Looked like a fun day! Linda

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Allan loves Oliver. Which is surprising as Oliver climbs all over him, all the time. Oliver’s favorite spot to sit, is on Allan’s left shoe! ~amy


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