a sad tail

This beautiful puppy is Oliver. This photo was taken a few days after i adopted him from The Greater Birmingham Humane Society. There are vets that offer your adopted pet a free first check up. I showed this funny Harry Potter scar on the top of Oliver’s head. The vet said it was nothing. He was so very wrong. I noticed Oliver had started losing his fur around his eyes. Different vet, same clinic…diagnosis? Demodectic MANGE. She said that it was from his mother. It isn’t contagious to people or other animals. The bad news was that Oliver will continue to lose fur for a while. She was right. He was almost bald. IMG_4419

His fur grew back, most of it. I went back for more medication to prevent the mange mites from returning. And he has been ok. The medication rids Oliver of fleas too. But he has been scratching all the time. I waited another week to see if the meds would make him stop scratching. They didn’t.

Today i took Oliver to the Hoover dog park (best dog park ever) I noticed after he got wet, that he had bald spots on his hind legs, so i looked closer & noticed he is losing his fur in front of his nose & the top of his muzzle. I was so angry.  Both of us went straight to the vet from the dog park. My jeans were soaked, Oliver was wet & muddy…and we had to sit in a room for a while. Doc comes in & i am upset because i just spent $60 for this medication & its not WORKING (dammit!) Turns out Oliver has a bacterial infection. He has to swallow his antibiotic meds twice a day for a MONTH. I was told he will have skin issues for almost two years. I said i am dirt poor & i adopted a dog that requires all this extra medical care.

I have the worst luck, and the best…because Oliver is very lovable. IMG_6908

Oliver playing with friends. Please note the water above, that is what the water looked like in person, but note the color change on the two below. I took out a lot of the yellow, but couldn’t match the correct color of the water/dirt.


i put my name on Oliver. He is 6.5 months old. He weighs 40 pounds.


I ask a friend to take some shots of us together.


i got lots of kisses. The Hoover dog park is really named, ‘Loch Haven Dog Park’ it has a track for walking. Playground for kids. Two fenced in yards, one for the BIG dogs, the other for the wee ones. Beside the walking track is this river/creek and there are always dogs playing in the water. It is fantastic…unless your (damn) dog takes off because he (Oliver) wasn’t leashed for five minutes. When i finally caught him, his punishment was leaving the park. Yes, he cried the whole way to the car.

all images here were shot with my iphone.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of Oliver’s dilemma also .. really frustrating and expensive when they are misdiagnosed. Wonderful images Amy 🙂


    1. Thank you, Julie! ~amy

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  2. loisajay says:

    Poor Oliver! Can you talk to the doc who misdiagnosed him? They should be paying for some of those meds, Amy! Oliver is a heartbreaker for sure.


    1. Hi Loisajay, He has seen three different vets at the same clinic. Yesterday i faced the owner who invited me to go else where. I told him that he needed to own up to any mistakes, if they were made. He explained what they found, showed me the chart. We did ok. There is one vet there i LOVE…she is the best. Everyone says i have to give Oliver his meds with a treat or wrapped in peanut butter. But he is SO good, i ask him to sit, he lets me opens his mouth, tipped upward, i drop the pill in the back of his throat, close his mouth & rub his throat so he will swallow it. Every single time, i praise him, he thinks its a trick & he is proud of himself. I hope no one tells him the truth 🙂 Thank you! ~amy

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      1. loisajay says:

        Oliver…such a sweetheart. Glad you and he have each other.


      2. Me too. Thank you Loisajay! ~amy


  3. Linda Corliss says:

    Oliver is so lucky to have you. He is very handsome! Linda

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. He is my emotional support dog. I don’t know how i would have gone through these last few months without him. ~amy


  4. photosociology says:

    Sorry to hear about Oliver’s woes, and also glad that you’ve found each other.


    1. Hi, Thank you. He is such a good boy. I’m glad we have each other. i call him my emotional support dog. hero. ~amy

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