the unthinkable happened today!

I got my 14 year old son to sit for one minute, thirty seconds for photos!! It was a battle. He decided he didn’t want to die on that hill. and I won! He did get cocky (see his funny expressions) & i had to push him back down to the stool when he tried to escape (he is 7″ taller than i am) every twenty seconds.

I sent a text to my best friend, “I’m going to try to get Henry to let me photograph him. If i don’t make it, have a good life” WORTH it.

I have a wall of photographs of my family. I have three children-my daughters are in 8×10 frames. I needed one of him. The one that is getting framed is the black & white at the bottom.¬†DSC_7084 copyDSC_7077 2DSC_7068DSC_7087DSC_7084

and i found a way to use my unfinished abstract paintings for! backdrop!

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  1. I hope he likes the photos, because you’re going to want to capture more of this handsome young man.


    1. Oh, it was SO HARD to get those!! He was getting up off the stool & i had to push him back down. I did text him my favorite of him & told him if he if he showed it to the girl he likes, she would LOVE it. Maybe he did, i was too afraid to ask! Thank you! ~amy

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  2. Linda Corliss says:

    Oh my…. what a handsome grand nephew. All of your children are amazing!


    1. It was a miracle to have him sit. The only reason was because his sisters are framed as 8×10 & he isn’t. So now i can frame him & look like i have three children. Sophie’s coming too. We played a lot longer this morning. Love you! ~amy


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